The Faerie Princess


by Eddie Woods


(illustrated version


Once upon a future time,

Before the serpents were,

There lived a faerie princess;

Perchance you've dreamed of her.


With hair so long and golden

And eyes so bright and blue,

With lips so full and tender

And lovely titties, too,


She romped about the woodlands

From summer through till spring

While all the roving satyrs

Did paeans to her sing.


“O, sweet and shapely damsel,”

They sang out one and all,

“Your beauty has enthralled us,

We're at your beck and call.


“You are the only female

Within our fragrant land,

Without your bod to cheer us

We'd be a sorry band.”


“You need not fear, my lovers,”

She answered with delight,

“I'm yours to screw forever,

From morning until night.


“My body never ages,

I have eternal youth;

And since I love you truly,

You never seem uncouth.


“I'll fuck a thousand satyrs

And still stay fresh and young;

Indeed, I grow in beauty

The better you are hung.”


And thus she kept them happy

In myriads of ways,

With mouth and quim and buttocks

She gave them endless lays.


They sucked upon her pussy

And frolicked with her ass,

Then passed her to the next one:

She never thought them crass.


Alas, one dismal autumn,

When clouds had drifted low,

Spirits in the howling wind

Warned that she must go.


For dreaded Man was coming,

The beast who worshipped Thought.

“If you stay,” the spirits said,

“You surely will be caught


“Within their web of thinking,

A bane you need not know;

They'll use you quite like chattel

And take your soul in tow.


“They will not love your body

The way the satyrs do,

Instead they will enslave you

And treat you like a shrew.


“Their fucking is much different

Than anything you've known,

It borders on the brutal

And has an evil tone.


“With them the brain is foremost

And sex must serve a plan:

To reinforce a species,

The myth that's known as Man.


“But are there none with wisdom,”

The princess sought to know,

“Who understand that Heaven

Resides in Nature's show? “


“A few there are among them,”

The spirits answered her,

“Within whose hearts a longing

Eventually must stir,


“A secret love of Nature,

A pining for the Source;

And these brave men will seek you,

But only in due course,


“Far beyond the fringes

Of all that Thought calls real,

Where thinking is unheard of

And Truth is what you feel.


“But most will prove too restless,

They'll scorch this paradise

And render it a wasteland

Unfit for even lice.”


The satyrs were unhappy,

Yet bid her fair adieu;

For now that Man was coming

`Twas clear what they must do.


“Just now we cannot follow,”

Cried out their single voice;

“We'll make Man's coming bitter,

On Earth he'll not rejoice.


“But in your newfound haven

Do plant the loving seed

So that we may rejoin you

And serve your every need.


“This land we will abandon

To those who trust in Thought

And have all but forgotten

What e'en their Ancients taught.


“They hold that Lust is evil

And Reason is supreme,

And by their very thinking

They make things what they seem.


“Farewell, seductive princess,

We wish you best of luck;

Heaven knows what we shall do

Without your quim to fuck.”


“Play awhile among yourselves,”

She counseled wise and true,

“Even you have much to learn

About what Love can do.


“If sucking cocks is joyous

For little girls like me,

You, too, will find it tasty

To fall upon the knee


“And take your brother's member

Between those hungry lips

That often sought their pleasure

Below my willing hips.


“Forsooth, my strong, young satyrs,

We soon shall meet again;

But now I must be going

To the realm of Not-Yet-When.”


And so in silken shadows,

Past meadows made of dream,

Off she sailed to Fantasy

Upon a sperm-white stream.


Her boat was made of flowers,

The oarsman was the wind;

She lay back in her bower

And sensed that God was kind.


This God she knew was cosmic,

A mighty Lover, He,

Uniting every moment

With th' universal She.


All life was one Orgasm,

A never-ending Fuck,

And those who felt this deeply

Would never want for luck.


The Answer is Surrender,

The Flow of Life is free;

Give in to Mother Nature

And trust in what must be.


Thus reveling in wonder,

Our princess said a prayer

By offering her body

To spirits in the air.


One hand beguiled her pussy,

Another stroked her breast;

So gently masturbating

She drifted toward her quest.


The day was warm and sultry,

The sun was rife with Love;

She spread her legs divinely

And blest the sky above.


As sunspots bright and randy

Did play about her toes,

She felt her being climax

And melt within its throes.


The passing forest twinkled,

The trees sang out with joy,

Fishes danced with sparrows:

The world was Nature's toy.


At last when night had fallen,

With moonlight spreading cheer,

Her vessel found a harbor

That beckoned her come near.


“This way, sweet Faerie Princess,”

Called damsels from the shore,

“Our queen awaits your coming,

A festival's in store.”


These naked little ladies,

Each one a fairy, too,

Led her deep within the woods,

A thicket strange and new.


The trees all hung with gumdrops,

Their branches dripped with wine,

While sprightly little chipmunks

Ate candies off the vine.


At last there came a clearing

Where, stretched upon her throne,

A lovely queen was swooning;

The princess heard her moan.


Around her naked sweetness

Swarmed fairies, also nude;

The scene was so enchanting,

She fain would not intrude.


Two lassies stroked her titties,

Another ate her quim,

Others played about her bum,

Which was so neat and trim.


The queen, of course, responded

With kisses of her own;

So many cunts she fondled,

She left not one alone.


While viewing this fine orgy

Our princess got all hot;

She started masturbating

Right there upon the spot.


And then a feline creature,

A lusty cat, for sure,

Pussyfooted from the woods

In hopes that he could lure


Fairies to partake of him,

As many gladly did.

Soon other beasts, all gentle,

Sprang out from where they'd hid


To frolic with the wood nymphs

In any way they would;

Even birds joined in the fun

And did the best they could.


Till dawn the glade was ringing

With sexual delight;

The trees felt glad beholding

This wondrous pagan sight.


When morning came, all sleepy,

The queen took to her bed

The dazzled faerie princess,

Now giddy in the head.


“Here you'll learn the other half,”

She whispered in her ear,

“Of what you told the satyrs

They need not ever fear.


“Here females are in excess

And but for winsome beasts

Enjoy their own fine bodies

In splendid Sapphic feasts.


“Anon, when all the satyrs

Have come to understand

The beauty of their maleness,

They'll join us in this land.


“And then we, all together,

With flourish and great glee,

Will build a king-and-queendom

Of Sexu'l Anarchy!”


In good time all the satyrs

Did join this merry host.

“We see them,” cried the fairies,

“They're sailing up the coast.”


“We're here,” called out the horned ones

Whilst bounding to the shore.

“Let's fuck until we're finished,

Then still come back for more.”


And till this day they're living

Where Love yet reigns supreme

And no one thinks it evil

To revel in such Dream.


But maybe you are wond'ring

When Man can go there, too.

We know of one who's done it:

Dear Reader, it is You.



© Eddie Woods 1994, 2004