the AMSTERDAM Spiritual Cyber Center


a hidden venue of the church of kindness

MySTèR is a spiritual center for transformation and consciousness in a pluriform and non denominational context.
Art, Spirituality, Healing and Religion in a Cyber-Age setting, merging technology and perennial wisdom in an open atmosphere, where the cross-cultural diversity of Amsterdam comes to the surface.

MySTeR at Singel 459, near the Munt, offers space for exhibitions (140 m2 gallery), lectures, performances (80 seat theatre/hall), massage facilities, workshops and is available for rent to like-minded organisations. MySTeR is also offering video registration, editing and studio facilities.

In de naam komt zowel het woord mysterie als My Ster voor, dat laatste slaat ook weer een beetje op Am STER dam.
The name refers to Am-Ster-dam, ster means star and I am speaks for itself, but it also means mister and master.

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our tel: 0654987876  or 31-20-6383583

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MySTèR is a spiritual and community centre at Singel 459 and forms the base venue for Heaven On Earth in Amsterdam, it has facilities to rent for groups up to 80 people, workshops (140 m2), full A/V and TV facilities, WiFi Internet, separate space for coffee breaks, massage facilities, is centrally located and has a very friendly rental and cooperation policy toward likeminded organisations.


Regular events at MySTèR:



For more Myster activities and texts by Luc Sala, see the websites and

Please contact with suggestions for events, we welcome travelling teachers, saints, shamen, rinpoche’s or just human beings to come an join us at MySTèR 020-6383583  or mob- 31-654987876 fax 31-20-4211267

Organising body:

Stefani Crone

Luc Sala (

Tel 0654987876 or 31-20-6273198 or 6383583  fax 6253280 email

Margreet Bakker’s Native American activities

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A hidden venue of the church of kindness!
cyberspace mystery school!